Ongoing Cleaning Services

Enjoy Hassle-Free Living with Regular Cleaning Routines

Revamp your space with the sparkle of Latina Power Enterprise Cleaning Company – your unrivaled cleaning wizards in New York! Feeling drained by the day's hustle and barely any zest left for the domestic grind? Maybe cleaning's the perpetual ghost on your to-do list? Fear not! Our zealous Kleaner pros are at your beck and call, ready to make your abode dazzle!

In the whirlwind of today's life, dirt and messes accumulate faster than ever. But when time is precious and cleaning takes a backseat, we're your secret weapon for serenity. Achieve harmonious living with a home that's immaculately maintained—no matter if it's an apartment, house, or condo. We tailor to your unique cleaning needs. Reach out now for an estimate and schedule your next cleaning oasis.

Ongoing Standard Cleanings

  • General dusting

  • Surface cleaning

  • Cleaning outside of appliances

  • Floors vacuumed and/or mopped

  • Shower, tub and toilet disinfected

  • Towel hanger/rack and towel tissue holder cleaned

  • Removal of garbage

  • Clean inside the microwave

Embrace the Comfort of Scheduled Home Cleanings

Wave goodbye to weekend warfare with dust bunnies and say hello to leisure with Latina Power Enterprise Cleaning Service at your side! Transform your exhausting cleaning spree into a restful retreat. Our tailored cleaning programs—be it weekly, biweekly, or monthly—guarantee a sparkling sanctuary in every corner of your abode. Gift yourself time for life's treasures, from ticking off your to-do list to creating memories with loved ones. At Latina Power Enterprise Cleaning Service, we elevate your home life, delivering a perpetually pristine and peaceful haven.


Feel the Latina Power clean in your home and office!

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