Commercial / Office Cleaning Service

Elevate Your Commercial/Office Environment with Latina Power Enterprise!

In the pulsating heart of the New York, where business vibrancy mirrors the lively locale, companies often flirt with the idea of in-house cleaning, tempted by the illusion of cost savings. But tending to tidiness can sidetrack your team from their prime pursuits, breeding inefficiency and discontent.

Enter Latina Power Enterprise Cleaning Service. We're more than just a cleaning service—we're your ally in cultivating a thriving business environment. With our eco-conscious approach, we guarantee the safety and comfort of your staff with our green products. Our strategy doesn't just safeguard health; it elevates the spirits, boosts productivity, and enriches your workplace atmosphere.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial and Business cleaning services can be customized to your needs:

  • High/low dusting

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas

  • Mop and sanitize hardwood, tile, linoleum and vinyl flooring

  • Clean water fountains and water coolers

  • Clean glass surfaces throughout the offices

  • Emptying and re-line wastepaper baskets and other receptacles

  • Remove waste materials for sanitation pickup

  • Clean microwave(s)

  • Clean and disinfect all table surfaces and chairs

  • Disinfect all doorknobs and handles

  • Clean inside refrigerator (extra upcharge)

  • Clean and disinfect restrooms with germicidal detergent solutions

  • Empty wastepaper and other refuse for sanitation collection

  • Empty and clean towel receptacles

  • Replenish toilet tissue, soap and towel dispensers

Opting for our services also liberates you from the hassle of stocking cleaning supplies or dealing with their wear and tear. We arrive fully equipped with industry-leading products, ensuring a thorough shine in every corner. Professional cleaning does more than just surface-level work; it enhances employee morale, impresses visitors, and promotes a healthier work environment.

For unparalleled cleaning services in the heart of New York and to truly grasp the significant benefits of professional care, consider Latina Power Enterprise Cleaning Service. Your business merits the finest, and that's precisely what we aim to provide.


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